Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

As artists in residence at Buxton museum, we have spent the last few weeks exploring the ice age animal bones and in the museum collections. Richard has been sketching and painting and I have been composing, playing and recording in response.

We decided to pay our first visit to one of the places in the Derbyshire landscape where these bones were found, High Wheeldon.


The sound of the crows and jackdaws echoing between the hill and the stone cliff was amazing and I managed to record some of them despite battling against the wind. While Richard hiked to the top to get a better view for sketching, I tried to get a clean recording of the beautiful stonechats at the foot of the hill. We managed a recording of the wind and a very windswept sketch from the top of the hill. We did, however, leave with some extremely beautiful photographs…

It’s amazing to think of bears, cave lions and wild horses roaming these hills and living in caves like the one at the foot of this hill. We have lots more ideas now and there are more artworks to be painted and music to be written. We will post sketches and finished art and music on our soundcloud and  youtube pages. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook and if you see us in Buxton museum or doing weird things with a microphone up a hill please come and say hello.



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